Glory to Jesus Christ!

Ukrainian Catholic University

Type Institution of higher education
Short name UCU
Slogan Testify. Serve. Communicate.
Year of foundation 1928
Predecessor Lviv Theological Academy
Ownership private
Level of accreditation third level of accreditation
Form of study day, modular, correspondence, evening
Qualification levels Bachelor's, Master's, Postgraduate
Amount of students ~2200
Rector Fr. Bogdan Prah
Location 17 Ilariona Svyentsitsʹkoho street Lviv 79011
Phone (032) 240-99-40
Own site

1.1 UCU's mission and vision

The Ukrainian Catholic University is an open academic community that lives in the Eastern Christian tradition and educates leaders of society, professionals, to serve in Ukraine and abroad - in the name of the glory of God, the common good and human dignity.

1.2 History and facts

The Ukrainian Catholic University is the only one Catholic University from Poland to Japan, inherited and continues the scientific activity of the Greek Catholic Theological Academy, which was established in 1928-1929 in Lviv by Metropolitan Andrei Sheptytsky and headed by its first rector Fr. Joseph Slipyy. Important dates in the history of the university can be viewed below:

1.3 The UCU Community

Respectful, joyful and vital relationships between people are important for the university. UCU's goal is to cultivate not only the rational potential of relations. Man deserves a holistic perception and needs a holistic learning process, which, in addition to reason, includes ethical and universal human values. UCU is designed to touch the heart and soul of man.

Quality is important - in relationships, teaching, education, the space in which we are. It is important that this is not a sham. Quality is a different philosophy of relationships, it tells us that someone was, worked, worried.

2.1 Management and administration

The governing bodies of the University are:

2.5 Worldview core

Did you know that:

  • 96% of employers pay attention to the value component of candidates;
  • 99% employers emphasize the importance of analytical / critical thinking, which is manifested in the ability to formulate and ask questions, to be open to discussions;
  • 82% of employers consider adaptability and stress resistance to be important qualities of employees. It is not only about the ability to constructively cope with stress, but also about the ability to work productively in situations of uncertainty, to respond flexibly to changes around and be able to change their own behavior;

According to a study by the Ukrainian Catholic University for April-May 2019.

The courses “Worldview Core” will help to acquire these skills.

2.6 Foundations and branches

3.1 Research projects and research

3.2 Scientific conferences

3.3 Edition, publications and articles

3.4 Opportunities and internships